Weekly Menu

September 25, 2017


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    Greens / butternut squash / yams / dried cherries / shaved fennel / pepitas / mustard vinaigrette



    Chicken bones & collagen  / turmeric / ginger / garlic / thyme / rosemary Frozen.

    Earn 13.99 Reward Points


    Electric City Butcher bones from pork / lamb / beef / poultry / carrots / leeks / garlic / red wine vinegar All proceeds benefit Santa Ana’s Max Love Project



    Almond flour / egg / maple syrup / coconut sugar / cinnamon / vanilla – 4 cookies per order Paleo

    Earn 6.99 Reward Points

    Almond flour / roasted almond butter / coconut oil / honey / cacao butter / flax meal / dried unsweetened coconut / cacao powder / vanilla extract / sea salt Nutrition Estimates: Cal 300, Protein 6g, Fat 26g, Carbs 13g, Sugar 7g

    Earn 5.99 Reward Points

    Honey/pecans / eggs / coconut oil / cacao powder /almond flour Nutrition Estimates: Calories 440, Protein 8g, Fat 32g, Carbs 36g

    Earn 5.99 Reward Points

    Almond butter / coconut oil / walnuts / honey / almonds/ raisins / pumpkin seeds / almond flour / coconut / vanilla / salt Nutrition Estimates: Cal 290, Protein 7g, Fat 25g, Carbs 15g

    Earn 5.99 Reward Points



How Do I Order?

It’s easy! The menu for the following week goes live Tuesdays at noon. Entrees change weekly, while breakfast, treats and snacks rotate monthly.

  • Order online Tues 12pm – Thurs 9pm
  • For pickup, select your pickup location from the drop down menu
  • Pickup your order Monday evening at your selected pickup location
  • For delivery, select “Local Delivery” when ordering and add your address
  • Food will be delivered in a box with an ice pack to your doorstep no later than 8pm

I Have Celiac Disease / Food Allergies, Can I Eat These Meals?

Yes! We operate out of a certified, designated gluten free kitchen to avoid cross-contamination. All of our food is grain, gluten, dairy*, soy and refined sugar free. We are also able to accommodate most allergies, but please double check by sending us a note so we can ensure you won’t be exposed to any allergens.

*Some of our dishes use house made grassfed ghee, which is clarified butterfat with the dairy proteins skimmed and strained out.

When Do I Get My Food?

We have three locations in Orange County for pickup on Monday evenings:

For just $15, you can also have your meals delivered straight to your door!

Deliveries happen between 5pm and 7pm, exact time will vary depending on where you live and where the rest of the orders that week are going.

Where Do You Source Your Ingredients From?

We love to keep it local! We source our ingredients from farmers markets all over Orange County. We also work with leading food purveyors whose quality is second to none. Melissa’s ProduceWest Coast Prime Meats, DaLe Ranch and Santa Monica Seafood provide us with organic produce and herbs, responsibly raised meats and only the best wild caught seafood.