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Recipe: Avocado Chocolate Mousse

I know, I know, desserts aren't the focus when we talk about Paleo and clean eating. Trust, I'm the first to recommend that most people need to worry less about sweets and more about greens. BUT, sometimes you just need a chocolate fix and real, raw

Recipe: Paleo Tostones (Twice Fried Smashed Plantains)

Did you know that plantains are magical? They can be made into grain free/gluten free pancakes, crackers, tortillas and... TOSTONES! Tostones aka patacones, platanos verde fritos, or chatinos are made by slicing green plantains, frying them on both

Recipe: Paleo Mocha Chia Pudding

Pudding for breakfast? Yes please. What about a mocha pudding packed full of superfoods to amp you up for your day? Now we're talking. This recipe for Paleo Mocha Chia Pudding is like strapping on a jet pack first thing in the morning because it uses

Recipe: Apple & Fennel Slaw

Looking for a fresh side to pack for a picnic or that potluck this weekend? This recipe for Apple Fennel Slaw is just the key. It is fresh, crisp, and sure to impress. Did I mention that you can make it a few hours in advance? Makes it a winner in my

Recipe: Tiger Nut Horchata

I ordered tiger nuts a few months ago since I am always on the lookout for a travel friendly snack that won't destroy my blood sugar. I was super excited to them, but when I firs tried them I have to admit that I wasn't into it. I tried them a few

Recipe: Tomato Herb Braised Short Ribs

Who doesn't love a good crockpot recipe that tastes like a million bucks? These short ribs are impressive enough for a dinner party, or just when you feel like stepping up your weeknight dinner game but only take about 15 minutes of active prep time.

Recipe: Creamy Paleo Colcannon Mash

St. Patty's Day is tomorrow! Time to shuffle through your closet to find something green, find your inner leprechaun, and cook up some good Irish grub. Sure, corned beef and cabbage have had more than their fair share of gold so why not try a fresh

Recipe: Grain Free Cassava Flour Biscuits

I'll admit it, I'm not a huge fan of baking or baked goods for that matter. While sweets are my Achilles heel, the effort and patience it takes to bake cakes, cookies and treats is just not in my wheelhouse. So I tend to avoid them all together to so

Recipe: Berry Gelatin Gummies

It's finally sweater weather here in Southern California, which means we're down in the high 60s from the regular 90s of the summer. Even though I've busted out my favorite scarves and boots, there are days where am I just not in the mood to sip on a

Recipe: How To Make Crispy Shallots

Crispy shallots are one of those wonderful foods that can really elevate a dish to the next level, and create a lot more flavor.  The flavor of a shallot is what I would call a cross between an onion and garlic. I wish I had discovered them, instead

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